Woolacotts has a long, proud history dating back to the 1920s.

In the late 1920s, Frank Woolacott, Alan Nangle, and Syd Hirst worked as draftsmen. Studying by night and working by day, the three eventually graduated as architects.

Frank was a realistic man. When he found he had little aptitude for colour, gothic arches and aesthetics, he offered his skills in working with bending moments, deflections, reinforced concrete and trusses. His architect friends agreed to do his aesthetics, and he agreed to do their trusses and girders.

Frank’s practice started in the corner of architect Henry White’s office, with the understanding that White’s work had first priority. The practice developed steadily, despite the rigours of the depression.

Civil building stopped with the outbreak of World War II. Frank went into the army, and Terry Hale stayed behind to look after the office.

After the war, the firm prospered and expanded. Its work meshed in with the spectacular growth of the Australian economy and rapid development of infrastructure.

The firm went on to open offices in Hong Kong and Singapore. However, the oil crisis froze all construction work in the east, and the economic downturn resulted in the closure of the Hong Kong office in 1975.

Today Woolacotts is firmly focused on the Australian market and is still relied upon to provide exceptional service and outstanding solutions.