Grace Records

Campbelltown, New South Wales

Over three phases

$19 million

Civil and structural engineer

As a national records management and record archiving service, safe storage is critical to the continued operations of Grace Records.

All storage facilities are custom-designed and built having the highest regards to weatherproofing, vermin protection, extensive fire prevention, environmental control and security.

Our role

Woolacotts was appointed as structural and civil engineers for the new 20,000 square metre purpose-built warehousing facility for Grace Records in Campbelltown, New South Wales.

Very narrow aisle, high bay storage units using wire guided stockpickers

(forklifts) are used to access, store and retrieve documents.

Accuracy was key; minute changes in ground level translate into unacceptable tolerances some 15 metres above ground level.

High quality concrete floors were required to enable the effective use of wire guided stockpickers.

The floor was constructed to a very tight tolerance for flatness and levellness. The F number system (Face) was used to specify these requirements and assess the as-constructed compliance.

High strength concrete with a burnished finish provides abrasion resistance for the solid wheel stockpickers.

Additionally, the earthworks required to create the building platform had varying depth of fill across the site, from nil under the initial facility to approximately seven metres under the phase two expansion. The areas of the building near the edge of the embankment had to be fully suspended adding further complexity to this very flat floor.

Other Grace Records projects

Similar consultancy advice was provided for another Grace Records facility in Lytton, Queensland.

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