Mascot, New South Wales


Hydraulic, civil and
structural engineer

Woolacotts was engaged to design hardstand areas for the maintenance of wide body
aircraft at the Qantas jet base.

The project involved the design of hardstand areas for the washing of 747 and smaller aircraft.

Project challenges

As runoff from washing planes cannot simply flow into storm water, a system of diversion valves were provided to allow the wash water to divert to a collection tank for subsequent transfer to trade waste treatment off-site.

To allow for the large wingspans of the large 747 aircraft, a nearby roadway and security gates – used by catering trucks to access aircraft – had to be relocated as part of the project.

Access and timing for catering trucks is critical to ongoing operations for Qantas. It was imperative that the existing roadway remained functional
throughout the project.

The project also involved changes to the fuel area, including a special storm water treatment system to detect fuel, oil or major spills.

Associated works

Other ancilliary portions of the project involved the design of new awnings, a prefabricated engineers’ office, amending a new security fence, the
reorganisation of car parks, and relocation of bike lockers.

Other Qantas projects

Woolacotts has a long standing relationship with Qantas dating back to 1957. Other Qantas projects include:

Flight catering centre

Flight training simulators

Hangar extensions

Major hardstand paving works

Blast deflector fences

Vehicular bridges

A380 docking for catering trucks

Terminal waterproofing

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