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1999 - 2014

Civil engineer

Australian cycleways

Many of Australia's roads have been designed to cater for motor vehicles only. Several councils have recognised the need to improve access for cyclists, including improving safety, through the construction of dedicated cycleways.

Over the last 10 years Woolacotts has been involved in the design and construction of numerous new cycleways, ranging from paths in parkland areas, providing recreational use, to paths in the inner city on highly congested roadways.

City of Sydney Council is a regular client as they extend their network of paths throughout the inner city.

Our projects

Woolacotts has completed numerous cycleway projects, including:

  • Union St cycleway, Pyrmont – off road path and on-road separated path between Pirrama Road and Paternoster Road
  • Kent St cycleway, Sydney – on-road separated path between Druitt St and the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • College St cycleway, Sydney – off road cycleway between Macquarie St and Oxford St
  • Parramatta Park shared path – 700 metre shared walkway and cycle path
  • Wentworth Avenue cycleway – on and off road cycleway from Oxford St to Campbell St
  • Campbell St cycleway – on and off road cycleway between Wentworth Avenue and Taylor Square

  • Prospect Canal cycleway – located on and within the old water supply canal, from Prospect Reservoir to Guildford

  • Broadway link cycleway – on road from the Carriageworks to UTS

  • Eastern suburbs connections – various minor works within central Sydney to provide access to and from the cycleways

We are currently involved in the design of a new cycleway along Castlereagh St, in inner city Sydney.

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