NSW Public Works

Garie Beach, New South Wales


$5 million

Structural, civil
and hydraulic engineer

Garie Beach is located within the pristine Royal National Park south of Sydney.

Royal National Park was established in 1879 and is the world’s second oldest national park after Yellowstone
National Park in the United States.

Our role

Woolacotts was appointed to provide civil, structural and hydraulic engineering services for the construction of a purpose-built surf club.

The new club features:

A community hall


Public amenities

Change area

Boat shed

Caretaker's residence

Environmental features

The centre has many environmental features to ensure it has a minimal impact on the environment, including:

Rainwater collection

Solar panels

Backup diesel generator

Waste treatment

Project challenges

The site is located in a highly corrosive environment. Timber, stainless and galvanised steel were used to overcome this issue.

Other resolved challenges and
achievements included land slip area requiring dune stabilisation; cost saving through specification of slimline
stress grade F11 timber members in lieu of F27 hardwood; offset cross bracing and timber roof trusses
integrated as architectural features; and designing to reduce the threats of
unauthorised access and vandalism.

Award winning project

The project has received three
Master Builders awards:

Sporting facilities <$5 million

Environmental management

Best use of timber

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