City of Sydney

St Peters, NSW


$3 million

Structural, civil and
hydraulic engineer

Sydney Park is large parkland located at the old brickworks in St Peters. The brick kilns have not been used for more than 60 years but the historic chimney structures remain, providing an instantly recognisable landmark on the southern fringes of Sydney.

Over the last 20 years the site has been transformed from an industrial history of clay extraction and waste disposal into a quality open space area servicing a growing residential population base. The open space is made of over 40 hectares of lush grass, landscaped gardens, rolling hills, meandering pathways and picturesque wetlands.

Our role

One of the projects completed by Woolacotts involved the design of an award winning all-abilities playground, new paths through the site, new toilets, and a new kiosk.

Project challenges

A key project challenge was ensuring that the design of pathways and building foundations considered and maintained the existing capped contaminated fill throughout the park, while providing an even grade for cyclists.

All abilities playground

The playground was required to provide access for all abilities, so it was important that the new works complied with the requirements for disabled access and use.

The tactile, one-of-a-kind playground includes many different types of equipment that will keep children entertained for hours, as well as several elements that will stimulate their senses of touch, hearing and sight.

Award winning

The project required collaboration between all members of the design team to achieve the project objectives. These objectives were achieved, with the all-abilities adventure playground receiving various awards.

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