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Structural, civil and stormwater drainage, hydraulic and fire engineering services

Oran Park is a rapidly developing suburb in south-western Sydney. To cater for the growth in the area, a new public High School is required, as nearby schools are at capacity.

The new high school is co-located with the existing primary school and will provide education for 2,000 students in Years 7 to 12. In line with modern educational practice, the school required flexible learning spaces with the ability to change with future developments in technology.

Our Role

Woolacotts have collaborated with Pedavoli Architecture to document a school facility that consists of a number of wings, with one wing connecting through to the primary school, allowing students to transition from primary school to high school via a dedicated middle school.

The school includes a large hall, which has been sized to allow for two full sized basketball courts within the building. This required a clear span of 33m and a sloping 7-10m high ceiling. This challenged the structural team to create the open space required.

The external areas of the school were designed by the civil team, included large areas of pavement (needed for the large student population to gather) and stormwater management measures to treat stormwater from the site while providing educational opportunities for students.


Standardised detailing for the perimeter beams, including reinforcement, to accommodate all the possible edge types conditions i.e. step downs, strip drains, sliding doors, cavity rebates to simplify construction and improve both quality and cost efficiency.

Determining site levels in order to achieve a balanced cut and fill.

Increased the gas pressure to 35 kPa to reduce the size of the gas lines running around the site

Liaised with Sydney Water for a new sewer connection point, reducing the length of sewerage line run by 50 meters, saving excavation and installation cost’s

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