Perumal Pedavoli Architects

West Wyalong, Batemans Bay, Hay, Jindabyne



Structural, civil and hydraulic engineering services

Through the landmark Connected Learning Centre (CLC) Program, TAFE NSW can utilise interactive, digitally enabled, flexible, and multi-purposed learning environments

 to enhance the capability of providing high-quality training, exceptional learning experiences and accessible support services to regional communities across the state that is vital for the economic growth of their local industries.

CLCs are specifically dedicated to ensuring access to training services for students and regions experiencing disadvantage. To date, CLC Tranches 1 and 2 programs have been completed.

Our role

Woolacotts Consulting Engineers was engaged to provide structural, civil and hydraulic engineering services

Woolacotts undertook a review of completed CLC projects and participated in a ‘lessons learnt’ session with the client.

This information allowed us to provide improvements, whilst maintaining the essential features of the CLC buildings in the design and Revit documentation.


Speed of construction has been enhanced through the use of waffle slab technology, additional earthworks to eliminate retaining walls and the provision of intermediate structural support within stud walls.

Design philiosphy and detailing maintained across the four locations West Wyalong, Batemans Bay, Hay, Jindabyne to assist in delivery of works.

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