Macquarie University

North Ryde, New South Wales


$140 million

Structural and civil engineer

The Australian Hearing Hub at Macquarie University is a unique, world class facility purpose designed for research, training, teaching and learning in hearing, and hearing related speech, language and reading disorders.

Macquarie University, together with Cochlear and Australian Hearing Services, has created one of the world's leading research centres, combining hearing services with high-end research.

The project has brought together key research groups in hearing and cognitive sciences, neurosurgery, special education and electronic

engineering with major organisations involved in developing hearing technologies and services, including nano fabrication.

Our role

Woolacotts Consulting Engineers was engaged to provide structural and civil design and documentation.

The seven storey building has 34,000 square metres of built area, parking for 340 cars, and specialist anechoic (no echo) chambers.

The anechoic chamber was constructed from precast concrete, masonry and was isolated from the rest of the building using tuned rubber bearings.

Green star features

The facility has many green star features including:

Environmental and waste plans

Reuse of demolition material

Design for disassembly

Rainwater collection and reuse

Stormwater runoff detention

Natural car park ventilation

Spaces for hybrid and small cars

Cyclist facilities

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