Pedavoli Architects

Parklea, New South Wales


$185 million

Structural, Civil and Hydraulic engineering services

Parklea Correctional Centre was delievered in two stages: Minimum security facility 150 bed expansion and maximum security facility 500 bed expansion.

Parklea CC was delivered as part of the NSW Government “Better Prisons” program.

The Parklea project increased Corrective Services NSW’s capacity to accommodate inmates in the Sydney metropolitan area. The design supports an external leave program, aiming to re-integrate offenders in custody back into the community through work and educational opportunities.

Project scope

Works included both new buildings and significant upgrades to existing buildings, providing a refurbished Gatehouse with new Control Room, Programs, Visits, Satellite Clinic, Reception Holding Cells and Video Court facility, and site infrastructure including an expanded secure perimeter, playing courts, access roads and car parking.

The original facility opened in 1983. Since that time, there had been various interventions re-purposing the original buildings and adding new accommodation. The site infrastructure was aging. Integrating this significant expansion within the existing operational correctional facility was a highly complex design project.

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The Woolacotts brand is synonymous with prison design, having completed countless projects for governments around Australia and New Zealand.

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