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Structural and civil engineer

Work in national parks requires detailed attention to environmental issues, to ensure that the new works do not damage the natural environment of the area, while providing access for everyone to enjoy these special places.

Woolacotts has completed many projects for national and regional parks.

Barrington Tops

Woolacotts designed two new bridges over the Williams River, to replace existing ones. The design required detailed consideration of constructability, due to the limited access to the site, the need to protect the adjacent environment and the steep banks of the river.

This resulted in limiting the size of the main steel members, to allow helicopter lifts, and sizing all other elements to allow buggies to be used for transport.

Blue Gum Regional Park

The first stage of this regional park involved the design of a new entry road, parking area and picnic facilities. It is located on a steep site in a mining area.

With a large number of stakeholders, Woolacotts engineers needed to ensure the design met their differing requirements and allowed for future development of the park.


Other national park projects

  • Garie Beach surf centre
  • The Gully interpretive walk, Katoomba
  • William Howe Regional Park walkways and parking area
  • Grey Box Gully picnic area and drainage works, Western Sydney Regional Park
  • Tea Tree carpark and picnic area, Birdie Beach, Munmorah State Conservation Area
  • Lower Prospect Canal cycleway

We are currently working with Parks Victoria on a new viewing platform at Agnes Falls in Gippsland.

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