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South Windsor, New South Wales


Civil Engineering Design

Woolacotts Consulting Engineers was engaged to investigate options for remediation and prevention of further slope failures to existing earth mounds constructed as ‘stop butts’

Following our initial on-site assessment, Woolacotts prepared a report outlining the causes of the existing slope failures and identified possible solutions to rectify the failing mounds

Project scope

The main design focus was how we could stabilise the surface erosion whilst providing a suitable ‘bullet blanket’ that would be subject to ongoing consistent shooting practice.

The use of a geocell/geoweb matt was ultimately incorporated into the design to cover the entire stop butt, to assist with erosion control as well as provide sufficient depth for topsoil to aid the growth of grasses/planting.

One of the gun ranges will be rectified in the Frances Greenway Correctional Complex as per our design and trialled over a 6 month test period, at which point if it shows minimal negative impact or failure, the remaining ranges will be rectified.

Other prison projects

The Woolacotts brand is synonymous with prison design, having completed countless projects for governments around Australia and New Zealand.

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