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$100 million & $120 million

Civil, hydraulic and
structural engineer

Woolacotts Consulting Engineers has completed several prison projects for New Zealand Corrective Services.

Auckland Women's Prison

Woolacotts was appointed as structural engineers to deliver the 280 bed Auckland Women’s Prison for New Zealand Corrective Services.

The project involved the transfer of Australian technology to New Zealand, with the use of pre-cast concrete panels to construct the prison. The thermal properties of the structure resulted in lower operational costs and increased environmental credentials.

The facility had specialist design requirements - it had to withstand earthquakes which are common in the region. In addition, the design had to factor in special cultural needs of the prison population.

Otago Correctional Facility

As a result of the successful delivery of the project, we were awarded the $120 million Otago Prison project, which was constructed using similar techniques.

This new $120 million, 330 bed facility was completed in 2007.

Both projects were engineered to support further future expansion.

Other prison projects

The Woolacotts brand is synonymous with prison design, having completed countless projects for governments around Australia and New Zealand.

Other prison projects include:

Clarence Correctional Centre

Bathurst Correctional Centre

Geoffrey Pearce Correctional Centre

Cessnock Correctional Centre

Loddon Prison

Macquarie Correctional Centre

Parklea Correctional Centre

South Coast Correctional Centre

Dhurringile Prison

Eastern Goldfields

Auckland Women's Prison

Otago Prison


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