Queensland Urban
Utilities (QUU)

South East Queensland


Hydraulic engineer

Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU) is responsible for the delivery of water and wastewater services across five key council areas in South East Queensland, including the Brisbane metropolitan area.

Woolacotts Consulting Engineers was appointed to dimension new sub-metering systems to be retrofitted into large community title multi-unit dwellings.

Our hydraulic engineering assignment also involved site specific design of 15 new water metering systems to include water mains testing and financial benefit analysis.

Benefits of the project

The newly installed sub-water meters eliminated conflicts between residential and commercial about equitable water usage and captured loss of revenue within the community title schemes for QUU.

Our hydraulic engineers have also been saving strata complexes and commercial building owners money by dimensioning water, gas and sewage supply systems with smart water meters. Cost effective data loggers connected into supply systems provide building owners and operator with real time usage information per dwelling. These systems accurately identify system leaks and be remotely programmed to restrict usage.

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