Whitehorse City Council

Vermont, Victoria


Flood study

The unused Healesville Freeway reservation is located within Whitehorse City Council, and stretches across the suburbs of Forest Hill and Vermont South.

It is no longer required as a freeway reservation and planning is being undertaken to identify uses for the land.

Our role

The reservation crosses a number of low points, gullies and creeks. Woolacotts was commissioned to undertake a flood study of the reservation, to determine the extent of flooding due to the creeks and gullies. This was required to assist council is assessing the proposed uses of the area.

Stormwater modelling

The flood study determined the peak stormwater flows in each low point or gully for a range of storm events and recurrence intervals using the model Rafts-XP and the depth and extent of water flow were determined using Hec-Ras. The data was all presented in a series of maps, accompanied by a report that presented the study process and the overall results.

Flood study projects

We have a history of providing flood reports for projects that we are involved with. We also prepared the flood report for the South Coast Correctional Centre at Nowra, which is located between Nowra Creek and a major tributary on the south coast of NSW.

Given the security issues at the site, it was imperative to ensure that the facility was clear of the flood zone, with flood free access available during one in a hundred year storm event.

Other community infrastructure projects

The Woolacotts brand is synonymous with community infrastructure projects. Other projects include:

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